Thailand is well known for its rich culture, great cuisine, pristine, natural, and breathtaking beaches–the ultimate island or city life. But these are just some of the things that effortlessly draw people to the tropical paradise that is Thailand. A perfect example is the country’s growing number of ‘ex-pats’ from its different prime cities choosing to live here for good. And below is 6 reasons why you should consider living in Thailand for good:

Way of Living

What attracts ex-pats and tourists to Thailand is practically the affordable cost of living here compared to other countries in southeast Asia. Thailand has also shown strong and consistent growth through the years. Based on the data from, Thailand ranked 2nd in GDP ASEAN 2019. Hence, the country remains the capital or melting pot for tourism, jobs, trade and investment.

Thailand is home to good and quality real estate property investments. This is evident in the country’s consistent high demand for rental properties and generating more income and opportunities for foreigners and long-term residents.

Food: Thai Cuisine

Food takes the center stage in every occasion or celebration in Thailand which we can associate with the unrivaled warmth and hospitality of the Thai people. You haven’t really lived in the country or know Thailand well enough if you don’t know how amazing and delectable Thai food or cuisine is. 

Thailand is popular across the world for its gastronomically good, contrasting yet appetizing Thai dishes, including their famous street eats. Pad Thai noodles, Tom Yum Goong, Chicken Satay, Som Tum salad, Mango Sticky rice, and dumplings- these are just some of Thai’s well-loved, unique, and layering flavored dishes that make this cultural cuisine or treat on top of every foodie’s list.


Thailand has a reputation for the friendly and welcoming disposition of its people also defined by their rich culture and withstanding traditions. And as the country evolved and globalized through the years, Thai culture remains present and relevant to this day. You can see it in their way of life: sacred temples, wat, and meditation camps, traditional cuisine, and even among the country’s list of well-known destinations. 

The abundance in culture and creative arts are also evident in Thailand, from the spectacular modern and traditional architectures or infrastractures to the amazing artworks and handicrafts of Thai designers and local artists–culture and arts are very much alive here.


The positive outlook and balanced way of living of Thai people are just some of the qualities that set them apart. Their friendly, warm, and hospitable characters transcend cultural differences. Thai people are also adaptive as shown in the way the country has sprawled and grown to be the modern city capital that it is today. Their people, including the country’s long history of foreign trade, thriving tourism and hospitality, and bustling city life prove why Thailand continues to be among the world’s most visited destinations/countries. 

Thriving/Prime City Life

Thailand is synonymous with luxury and high-end city and island living. And Bangkok being the prime capital of the country is home to Thailand’s plethora of cultural and biggest commercial centers. Throughout the years, Bangkok underwent massive growth sprawling major and innovative commercial districts in the metro hence, the modern Bangkok that it is now. It’s the melting pot of ex-pats, tourists, business, and trade. Bangkok also houses ‘one-third of the country’s banking units hence, holding three-fourths of all deposits in the city.’

Beaches & Islands

Not only known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, but Thailand also has some of the most stunning beaches and islands. If the grand and luxury condos are in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, you can find white, sandy beaches, and pristine turquoise waters in the south: Koh Samui and Phuket. Hua Hin on the Northern Gulf Coast and  Pattaya in the east also boasts the best islands and beaches with lots of patrons from both locals and foreign tourists.


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