Embark on a journey into the world of luxury real estate with an exclusive interview featuring Jeezy, who’s full name is Siriporn Juntaratsamee, an accomplished real estate agent from Elite Homes Thailand. In this conversation, Jeezy shares insights into her recent triumph – the successful sale of the prestigious Windshell Naradhiwas condominium in the heart of Bangkok.

The Property

Windshell Naradhiwas epitomizes exclusivity and beyond luxury living in Bangkok, recently fetching an impressive 160 million Thai baht unit. This opulent condominium showcases unrivaled sophistication and breathtaking views. Meticulous attention to detail defines this residence, offering an exclusive experience that seamlessly blends cutting-edge design with the finest materials, defining modern elegance in one of Asia’s most vibrant cities.

The Agent

Jeezy, a seasoned professional at Elite Homes, is a luxury real estate agent specializing in meeting the discerning needs of international clients seeking high-end properties in Bangkok. With expertise in the luxury real estate market, Jeezy guides clients through the complexities of finding exquisite residences for purchase or rental. Her commitment to personalized service, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the Bangkok real estate landscape, positions Jeezy as a trusted specialist for those pursuing refined living in this cosmopolitan metropolis.

The Interview

Question 1:
Hi Jeezy. Can you share the journey of how you became a luxury real estate agent, and what drew you to specialize in this niche, particularly with Elite Homes?

I’ve always been interested in properties and interior design. In fact, I’ve binged a bunch of real estate shows. When the famous Selling Sunset show hit Netflix in 2019, I got even more intrigued. I really wanted to be a real estate agent, like those awesome ladies in the show—they make good money and live their best lives doing what they love. 

So, I started looking for a real estate job while still doing my thing in medical tourism. But back then, every company seemed to want people with experience in the field. And then, bam, COVID happened, I lost my job. So it’s during the pandemic when I stumbled upon Elite Homes. I am lucky they gave me a shot with zero experience in real estate. So yeah, that’s how it all started.

Question 2:
The Windshell Naradhiwas condominium is an impressive sale. What unique features or aspects of this property do you believe contributed to its high value, and how did you identify and highlight these in the sales process?

Thank you! (smiles)… I believe the project’s unique concept is its standout feature, setting it apart from numerous others in Bangkok. It’s genuinely unlike anything I’ve seen before. The developer team’s dedication shines through, having spent approximately 7 years meticulously planning every detail. 

Their extensive study covered not only the location but also factors like wind direction, influencing decisions on door and window placements. The intentional design has the front of the house facing east for the morning sun, and the balcony facing west for sunset views.

I mean, where else can you find condos in Bangkok with 7-meter floor-to-ceiling spaces, 36 units in 28 levels ranging from 453 sqm to 564 sqm? These facts alone are incomparable. The uniqueness of this concept, coupled with these specific details, makes it impossible to replicate elsewhere. 

It’s as if this concept is tailor-made for this particular location.

Question 3:
Closing a deal on a property worth 160 million Thai baht is no small feat. What negotiation strategies or techniques did you employ to successfully close the deal for Windshell Naradhiwas?

Honestly, there was no rocket-science strategy or anything like that. I simply focused on transparent communication and actively listening to the clients to understand their priorities. Timely response, adaptability to the always changing circumstances, and a collaborative approach were crucial as I’m basically the middle person between client and developer. 

Most importantly, building trust and fostering positive relationships among all parties played a key role in successfully closing the deal, I must say.

Question 4:
In the luxury real estate market, establishing strong connections is crucial. How do you cultivate and maintain relationships with high-net-worth clients to ensure successful transactions like the one at Windshell?

Transparency! I believe it’s transparency throughout the entire process, in fact, not just in real estate deals but in every job.

High-profile clients seek professionals they can trust, so building that trust is essential. Demonstrating professionalism is key—always being punctual (I’m never late, no matter how early or where the appointment is; I consistently show up early), paying close attention to the details of their preferences, and listening attentively to understand their needs and address their pain points. 

I also pay attention to what they might not explicitly say, as sometimes their reactions convey more than words. It’s all about creating an environment of trust and reliability.

Question 5:
Bangkok’s real estate market can be highly competitive. What sets Elite Homes apart, and how does the agency position itself to attract clients interested in luxury properties?

Indeed, it’s a highly competitive market. I think Elite Homes stands out because of the company’s core values (quality, integrity, reliability, and trust) that are also instilled in every agent. On top of that our services are really personalized and customized per client.

We position ourselves as more than just a real estate agency – we’re like trusted advisors for our clients. We work hard to find the best high-end properties, communicate clearly, and provide a smooth experience.

Our goal is to be the go-to choice for clients looking for premium homes in Thailand.

Question 6:
The Windshell Naradhiwas condominium is known for its opulence. How do you tailor your marketing approach for such luxurious properties to attract the right buyers?

I’m not an expert in marketing, although I use social media a lot to share about my work. But in my opinion, our marketing approach at Elite Homes revolves around maintaining consistency in branding, product selection, and customer service. We uphold our commitment to providing products and services for the elites, ensuring a refined and tailored experience that resonates with the expectations of high-end buyers or clientele.

Question 7:
Real estate transactions can be complex. Could you share any challenges or unexpected turns you encountered during the process of selling Windshell Naradhiwas, and how you overcame them?

During the whole transaction, I kept open lines of communication with both clients and the developer team, providing support to facilitate the process. There was a considerable amount of back-and-forth involved in communication and negotiation, which definitely was challenging. 

One notable moment occurred when the developer informed us that another potential buyer, who already owned a unit at Windshell, expressed interest in the same unit my client had their eye on. This required us to expedite the negotiation process and make decisions swiftly. Fortunately, with everyone’s cooperation, we still successfully closed the deal.

Question 8:
As an experienced luxury real estate agent, what advice would you give to aspiring agents looking to break into the high-end market, especially considering your experience with Elite Homes Thailand?

Certainly! To break into the high-end real estate market, you need an unwavering drive. Personally, the fire within me and my goal-oriented mindset keep me motivated. 

Be open to continuous learning, as there’s always something new to discover—I’m still learning every day. Punctuality is key; my motto is “if you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re irresponsible.”

Stay focused on your goals, be proactive, and fully commit to your work. Believe in yourself, trust the process, and persist even in the face of setbacks—it’s a test that, when overcome, makes you stronger and more resilient. Keep rising!

On top of all these, it’s important that you find a strong support system such as from a mentor, a senior professional, or a colleague. It can significantly impact your journey. You can only do so much alone. Choose a company or team that aligns with your goals, fosters your growth, and actively motivates you to thrive.