Bangkok Luxury Houses for Sale

Bangkok Luxury Houses & Villas for Sale

Bangkok is home to a good number of gated communities, as well as individually-owned luxury houses located in the city’s top neighborhoods, plus a good number of locations outside the city center. If you’re looking for a high-end house for sale in Bangkok, we have a fine selection that ranges from ultra-luxe townhouses, free-standing luxury homes, as well as palatial villas and mansions in some of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Our Bangkok luxury homes collection are ideal for families with private vehicles as these properties are usually located outside of the city center. However, plenty of top international schools are found in these locations, making them ideal for ex-pats and families with school-age children.

With plenty of spaces and a general community vibe, houses for sale in Bangkok offer a more exclusive and private option for potential homeowners.

Other options for houses for sale in Bangkok include compounds or also known as “Muu Baan” in Thai. These are usually townhouse compounds with communal facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, and security. Compounds can be a great option for clients who may be looking for a more private home while also having facilities similar to a modern condo.

Take a look at our comprehensive list of some of the most expensive houses for sale in Bangkok.

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