Services for Owners

Our real estate services for Bangkok property owners are comprehensive and concise. We are your trusted partner in making sure you get a good return on your investment, have the peace of mind your property is well-maintained, or the resale or rental of your home, villa, or condominium unit will be fast, stress-free, and smooth-sailing.

List Property

Listing your property on our website ensures that we market your real estate to the right target market. There is a strong demand in Bangkok for properties that meet international standards, and thus, we mostly work with international clients either living in the city or currently abroad.

We don’t just list any regular real estate properties. We have a stringent set of criteria to ensure only top-quality properties are listed on our site. We are an exclusive real estate service for Bangkok property owners who meet our standards. Some of these include a prime location, great value for money, top-grade construction, and a high potential for resale.

Property Management

Whether you choose to have your Bangkok property rented or not, we are your partner in making sure your villa, home, or condominium unit is well-maintained and properly cared for.

If you decide to have your property rented, we can manage income and expenses, maintenance, tenant management, housekeeping, cleaning, paying bills and taxes, as well as renovations and repairs. If you simply wish for your property to be maintained and looked after, we can also provide excellent property maintenance services to keep your home clean, beautiful, and well-maintained.

This service is especially ideal for real estate owners who have properties in Bangkok but are residing abroad, or have several properties in the city. We guarantee to make your life easier and provide you with peace of mind knowing your real estate investment is in good hands.

Photos and Video Production

We live in a digital world where almost every kind of business transaction is done online. This is why high-quality photographs and videos of your property are essential to keep up with the fast-paced real estate industry.

We have an in-house team of professional photographers who can come to your property and take pictures from different spots and angles. We guarantee to bring out the best of your home, villa, office, or condominium, so potential investors or tenants will immediately gravitate to your property.

Moreover, we highly recommend a video production of your property, especially large properties with beautiful landscaping. A top-quality video can increase your property’s visibility, giving more visual information as compared to only having a few pictures.

Marketing of Property

Our listing services don’t start and end with our website. We want to reach your target market as efficiently as possible. Some of the marketing platforms we use include email marketing, ad campaigns, and other means to increase your visibility in the real estate market.

Our marketing services have one goal, and that’s to generate leads for your property, whether finding the right buyer with the commitment to make an offer or looking for the perfect long-term tenant for your second home in Bangkok.

It is crucial to have a trusted partner when it comes to having your property managed and advertised. When it comes to making sure you get a good return on your investment, or whether you simply need to have your property in Bangkok properly maintained, we are your vital partner in meeting your real estate needs.

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If you own a property in Bangkok or other location within Thailand, contact us and we will be happy to help you achieve your goals whether you are interested in selling or renting out your property.