In 2003, the Thailand government passed an initiative also known as the Thailand Privilege Card Project. One of the program’s goals is to improve the local economy by generating income and revenue from foreign patrons or expatriates, investors, and businessmen, including frequent and long-stay guests. The Ministry of Thailand assigned the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT, its sole shareholder, to operate as a limited company thus, the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited was founded.

Thailand Elite Visa or ‘Privilege Entry Visa’ (PE) is a privileged residential program granting multiple long-term entry Visas for investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, expats, and visitors. It is designed so members can enjoy a range of exclusive and elite privileges, benefits, rights, and services, including enhancing their experience and stay in the Kingdom which in turn, will benefit the country as well. Remarkable milestones include having ranked 4th out of 20 countries in the Global Residence Program Index 2018-2019 and leading a steady business growth with increased membership to 10,134 in 2020.

Key Benefits & Advantages of a Thailand Elite Visa

  1. 5-year multiple entry visa
  2. Visa extension option (fees apply) which allows member to stay longer without leaving the country
  3. 1-year permission to stay in the country per each entry
  4. No re-entry permit required
  5. Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) services (fees apply)

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Services included in the Elite Visa packages which may vary depending on the type of membership:

  • Airport Service
  • Departure and Arrival Lounge
  • Customer Service/Multilingual Call Center Staff
  • Government Concierges
  • Short & Long Haul Transfer Services
  • Special Discounts
  • Annual Health Check up
  • Golf or Spa Services

*Sole recipients of the services are the registered members although family members may avail some of the benefits or privileges.

Non-Negotiables in Becoming an Eligible Thai Elite Visa Member 

Regardless of a person’s age, nationality, gender, and status, he or she can apply for a Thailand Elite Visa but, before becoming an eligible member or card holder, there are certain policies and requirements that applicants should adhere to which are the following:

  1. No criminal record. Applicant must have a clean record, never been a suspect of any crime or criminal offense committed in any country, except an offense due to negligence;
  2. Not having been declared bankrupt;
  3. Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetent, or quasi-incompetent;
  4. Allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any other related Thailand laws;
  5. Foreign passport holder;
  6. The applicant’s set age depends on each package’s requirement (Refer to terms and conditions).

*Once you meet the above requirements, you may now apply for membership.

Required Documents for Application or Membership


  • Copy of the first page of your passport preferably in a jpeg file;
  • Copy of every Thailand stamp (Thai Visas, Arrival and Thai Extension stamps) in your passport;
  • Passport must have at least 3 blank pages available for Visa stamp.

Completed Application Form

  • Properly scanned copy with your handwritten signature (same with your passport)

1 Passport-size Photo

  • Colored photo with a plain background, preferably in a jpeg format, and a full face view.

Proof of Relationship 

  • Should be in English; applicable for Family Package application (e.g. Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate)

Meanwhile, for members granted or approved of a Thai Elite visa, the following restrictions and guidelines will still be applicable:

  • you are not allowed to work and study in Thailand;
  • in case of an ‘overstay record,’ you won’t be able to apply for a visa unless you leave the country and request to affix the visa to your passport upon next entry;
  • terms and conditions of the visa will be granted according to the validity of card membership.

Types of Thailand Elite Visa Packages: Validity & Privileges

The cost for a Thai Elite Visa varies depending on the type of membership package or program a member wishes to avail of. Also, choosing any from the various packages comes without any set age limit or restriction except for Elite Ultimate Privilege which requires a member to be at least 20 years old. The Elite packages range from 600,000 THB to 2,000,000 THB and comprise 7 different membership options. Includes,

1. Elite Easy Access 

  • 600,000 THB (VAT inclusive)
  • 5-year Elite Visa validity
  • 5-year multiple entry visa with extendable 1 year length of stay per each entry
  • Upgradable to Elite Ultimate Privilege

2. Elite Family Excursion Membership 

  • 800,000 THB (VAT inclusive; no annual fee)
  • 5-year Elite Visa validity
  • Additional family member fee: 300,000 THB
  • Minimum of 2 persons

3. Elite Family Alternative

  • 800,000 THB (no annual fee)
  • 5-year Elite Visa validity (renewable for another 5 years)
  • Additional family member fee: 700,000 THB
  • 10-year membership validity

4. Elite Privilege Access

  • 1,000,000 THB (VAT inclusive; no annual fee)
  • 5-year Elite Visa validity (renewable for another 5 years)
  • Additional family member fee: 800,000 THB
  • 10-year membership validity

5. Elite Superiority Extension

  • 1,000,000 THB (VAT inclusive; no annual fee)
  • 5-year Elite Visa validity (renewable for another 5 years)
  • 20-year membership validity 

6. Elite Ultimate Privilege

  • 2,000,000 THB (Annual fee applies)
  • 5-year Elite Visa validity (renewable for another 5 years)
  • 20-year membership validity
  • Members should be at least 20 years old

7. Elite Family Premium

  • 1,000,000 THB (VAT inclusive; 10,000 THB annual fee applies)
  • Visa renewable after 5 years
  • Applicable only to family members of Elite Ultimate Privilege members
  • Thai Elite Visa validity is based on family or core member’s Elite Ultimate Privilege membership

*Proof of Relationship (in English) is required for a Family Package application.

Application Process, Timeline, and Modes of Payment

  1. Once you select your preferred package,  make sure all the required documents are complete (copy of passport, application form, photo, proof of relationship for Family package) and then submit.
  1. All documents will be forwarded to the Immigration Bureau and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be subjected to Immigration and background checks. The process usually takes 1-3 months, depending on the applicant’s nationality. If due diligence is proven, the application will be approved.
  1. An approval letter will be sent to the applicant; he/she may now pay and submit the transfer slip. Accepted payment options: credit card, online payment, bank transfer, Alipay, Union Pay, and Thai QR.
  1. Thailand Elite will then confirm the payment or transaction within 3-5 working days and once confirmed, a welcome letter with the membership ID number will be sent to the applicant.
  1. The applicant may request for an appointment to affix his or her Thailand Elite Visa. It can be made a month in advance but no less than 5 working days before the preferred data to affix the visa.

Note: The help of a licensed immigration agent is required before applying for the visa.

Overall, the Thai Elite Visa is a perfect tool for different types of individuals who would like to stay in the country long-term. Aside from the privileges and benefits that come with being a legit Elite card holder, avoiding the unnecessary hassles or inconveniences that entail visa work such as visa runs, extension requests, and immigration checks, is the ultimate game changer. Not to mention a worry-free visa status for you and your family, unmatched healthcare memberships, and services for retirees, including the best rental options for digital nomads, investors, and businessmen who would like to maximize their stay in Thailand–these are just some of the perks that await Thai Elite Visa members.


Interested to apply for a long-term visa to Thailand? Speak to one of our team members and we will refer you to an authorized agent or visit the official website of Thailand Elite at